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Life in colour

Focolare spirituality through every aspect of life

Focolare spirituality defines eight areas of life, each a way of expressing love. Nothing is more or less important, more or less sacred. We use  colours as a tool to understand and organize everything, from each part of our daily routines to the way we structure Focolare activities, for instance.

“Love is light,” Chiara Lubich explains. When clear light passes through a prism, or even a drop of water, it refracts into the seven colours of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. And just as that light breaks into different colours, love too has a way of expressing itself in just as many ways.

The “cube of love”

This cube, created by Focolare founder Chiara Lubich, helps to prevent conflict and contributes to the building of an ever greater awareness of the universal family and the needy worldwide.

These mottos include:

  • Love everyone
  • Be the first to love
  • Love Jesus in the other
  • Share the other’s hurt or joy
  • Love your enemy
  • Love one another

The cube was originally designed for children but there are versions for teens and adults. The cube can be used at the start of a meeting or activity, at the start of the day with the family or at a retreat. Someone rolls the dice and everyone commits to living that motto for the day.

Cube of love


Love encourages sharing...


Love radiates to those around us...


Love uplifts and inspires us...


Love nutures...


Love creates and brings harmony...


Love generates wisdom...


Love brings us together and unites...


Love guides society...