Flyer for ecumenical prayer

The experience of love elevates the soul. Love is always about relationship, and here it is about the one we have with the divine. To grow that, we need to make time, and of course not do all the talking.

“Prayer does not consist of only dedicating a certain period of time during the day to mediation or to the reading of sacred scriptures, to thoughts about God or ourselves for the purpose of improving our inner life,” said Pasquale Foresi, one of the co-founders of Focolare. “A person can do these things all day and yet never have actually prayed.”

Chiara taught how we can pray always when we love in each present moment. We might even be called to give up our prayer or meditation in order to love our neighbor. But that too can be prayer.

So “yellow” is about spirituality. When love refracts like light into “yellow,” it shines on these parts of life:

  • The present moment
  • Meditation
  • Prayer
  • Our oneness with God
  • Rites, rituals, religious practices
  • Ethics and the law


Love encourages sharing...


Love radiates to those around us...


Love uplifts and inspires us...


Love nutures...


Love creates and brings harmony...


Love generates wisdom...


Love brings us together and unites...


Love guides society...