Pope Francis names new head of the International Theological Commission

October 10, 2021

Fr. Piero Coda is the new secretary general of the International Theological Commission. He is a renowned Italian professor and the Focolare Movement’s point of reference for theological matters.

He is now the head of the International Theological Commission, which was established after the Second Vatican Council. It was created by Pope Paul VI, who greatly valued theologians’ contributions during the Second Vatican Council.

The Commission’s mission is to advise the Pope. Its latest documents focus on religious freedom, the relationship between faith and the sacraments, and synodality.

“I thank you for your document because today we think synodality is holding hands and walking together and celebrating with youth, no? Or taking opinion polls: ‘What do you think about female priests?’ If the majority agrees, you do it. No, synodality is an ecclesial path driven by the Holy Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit there is no synodality. You did a good job to contribute to this. Thank you.”

The International Theological Commission is made up of 28 members, 12 of whom were recently appointed by Pope Francis. The commission includes five women and one layman.

Fr. Piero is also a full Professor of Trinitarian Ontology at the Sophia Institute.