Focolare in Oceania

St Pauls Retreat Centre

Located in Wantirna, Melbourne, the Focolare runs the St Pauls Retreat Centre as an inspirational venue for spiritual retreats and away days. Contact us for more details.


Every year we organise multiple events called a “Mariapolis” around Oceania. Literally meaning “city of Mary” they are an event usually lasting a few days and open to everyone. The programme always varies but can include games, talks, craft activities, moments of prayer or reflection, debates and more!

Economy of Communion

The Focolare community in New Zealand produced a book on activities that are part of the Economy of Communion – the Economy of communion was cited by Benedict XVI as a promising form of intermediate activity between for-profit business and classic non-profit institutions, rupturing what the pope called an exclusively binary model of market-plus-state which is corrosive of society.

Health Newsletter

The purpose of the Health Newsletter is communication on what is happening around us with the COVID-19 virus, as well as provide information on ecology and climate change. Each monthly edition contains a spiritual reflection, shared experiences, websites for information during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and articles on integral ecology.

Focolare international

united world logo

The United World Project works towards its aim of a more united world by charting, promoting and linking authentic examples of good practice and processes, in personal or group initiatives – be they on a large or small scale, regular or one-off actions – which contribute towards making the world a more peaceful and united home to all humanity. 

Sophia Insitute

Inspired by the Focolare spirituality, Sophia offers students a unique life experience and high quality education designed to equip them with both knowledge and professional skills.  Courses give students the opportunity to develop a broad vision and teamwork skills, and provide them with tools for conflict resolution, problem-solving strategies and spaces for dialogue, all within an enriching, stimulating and diverse environment